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It is often said that if you are lucky, one day you will find your own special place of the soul. Ilaria Venturini Fendi considers herself very lucky, not only because of the name she proudly bears, celebrated all over the world as a synonym of style and quality, but also because she found her special place a few kilometers from home, over the hills of I Casali del Pino. As a designer at her family’s firm she was enjoying a successful and rewarding career. But when she came across I Casali del Pino, forgotten memories of her instinctive relationship with nature were recalled from childhood. It was in 2004 that she radically changed her lifestyle, leaving fashion for organic farming. Immediately after buying the farm, she started with great determination and perseverance its conversion to organic. A careful study of the area’s morphology and climate provided the guidelines for the conservative restoration of various rural buildings, many of which in ruins. Seasons changed no longer according to fashion collections, but rather to the cycles of nature. She took up fashion again in 2006 but with a completely different approach. Carmina Campus became her own brand of accessories and home furnishings made of reclaimed materials with high quality design. The name echoes the Latin translation of “chants of the fields” and is a clear reference to her feelings towards nature and her farm I Casali del Pino, where she placed the brand’s atelier and office.

“A farmer with the hobby of reusing reclaimed materials”, that’s how Ilaria Venturini Fendi likes to define herself. “To have my own piece of land and spend more time in the countryside has always been my secret dream. But I never thought it could come true before I chanced upon I Casali del Pino. Also as a designer I find this place inspiring and perfectly harmonized with my two souls, one that feeds on creativity and the other longing for a close contact with nature”.

Ilaria Venturini Fendi